Why Stories?

At Tilton River we believe that stories are the core. Everyone has not just one story inside them, but many-from the story of their life, to stories they want to bring out into the world. Our speciality is helping you tell the story of your story. One story immediately comes to mind-documentary director like Shelby Hadden, who is currently producing a short animated film based on her real-life experience with chronic pelvic pain. 

Tightly Wound is an incredible offering-a story that is risky and vulnerable, filled with honesty and even humor, about a topic that's hard to talk about. She hired us to help her with her Kickstarter campaign, to utilize our skills in building community and raising needed funds to finish the film. The Kickstarter? It's a way to tell a story, and tell it we did! She funded her campaign with plenty of time to spare and surpassed her goal.

Says Shelby, “When I decided to run a Kickstarter campaign for my film, Tightly Wound, the first thing I did was hire Julie as a crowd-funding consultant. Not only did she have experience and expertise about crowdfunding from her time at Production for Use, but she also has an incredible talent for reaching and building communities – which is one of my goals for making this film. She was instrumental in helping me raise 150% of my Kickstarter goal and keeping me sane in the process. Julie is strategic, professional, reliable, AND a champion of any project she takes on.”

We are so proud to worked with Shelby on her film, and continue to be and ear and a support as she brings the film, and her story, to life.